The Decision Making

We understand that this is not a decision you want to rush into, so we offer a free estimate and follow-up appointment. Deciding which company you choose is the most important decision in the whole pool process. We want you to get to know us and feel comfortable with us at this phase. In this phase will talk: about wants, needs, upgrades, timeframe, and budget.


Design, Site Plans, and Permitting

Once you sign the contract, we are ready to start this journey with you. We will immediately begin on 3D rendering and site plans. Once you approve the 3D rendering and site plans are completed, we will start the permitting process. As each county has a different time frame for processing a permit, communication is key in this phase.


Layout, Dig, and Steel

We are ready to move to the next phase once the permit is issued. We will begin by doing a layout and framing the pool shape. With the customer’s approval of the layout and location, we will dig the pool carefully, ensuring proper slope and depth. The steel rebar structure is next. The steel will be done in a cross-pattern style on the side and bottom of your pool, acting as the skeleton of your pool.


Plumbing and Rough Electrical

In this phase, we install all underground piping and electrical. A pressure test is performed to ensure a leak-proof install.


Gunite (Shotcrete)

Shotcrete is applied with a high-pressured pump to wrap tightly around the steel and provide the necessary hard surface for your pool’s interior.


Tile, Coping and pool features

This is where everything starts to come together. The tile of choice is carefully placed and installed then the Coping is installed around the pool perimeter. In this phase, we will also construct any water and fire features.


Pool Equipment Install and Electrical

We install all your pool equipment then our certified and licensed electrician wires the pool equipment to your main home electrical system.


Deck Preparation and Deck Install

Before installing the deck, we prepared the area first. Once the customer approves the deck layout, we will grade and prepare the deck area accordingly for the material that will be installed. Once preparation is done, we begin the deck installation.



Plaster is the final step in the pool construction. Now that everything is in place, you can finally see your vision come to life; the last step is to choose a color and type of plaster. The plaster is troweled on top of the gunite and then water-washed, and lastly acid washed. Finally is time to add the water.


Start up

Wow! It finally looks like the pool that you have been dreaming about. We will start the pumps and water chemistry to balance the pool water. Any features will be set up, and we will show you how to use them.

Now it's time to enjoy your pool!